Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Grandma's Movie Review

Every now and again my mom sends out great movie reviews: heartfelt, personal, and thoughtful. I'm going to start posting them here for all to read. I always appreciate the perspective and thought you might too.

Here goes. The first one for Julie and Julia


Eunice and I just came from seeing the movie "Julie and Julia". It is a winner! Whether you like to cook or just like to eat (or neither) you will come out happy.

The cast is great and the settings are either Paris or Long Island City, NY. Both are fascinating for different reasons. Since I was a Truant officer in Long Island City on these same streets in years gone by I had an immediate attachment to L.I.C......

The story is real and you get caught up in the lives of both ladies. Two great love stories too. BON APPETIT! The non-cook, Liz

Bernadette - you will be interested too in the struggle to get their books published.