Thursday, November 11, 2010

Eleven eleven - Alma Regina

Today marks the one month anniversary of our dear Alma Regina Noll. Her death was sudden. Unexpected. And now we are left holding the weight of our grief. And sharing the joys of her life.

Her burial was done in a way I didn't know was possible. By those who loved her and those who knew her and done in their own beautiful way. Her burial was tender and loving and full of the creative spirit with which Alma lived her life...

Monday, August 9, 2010

It's Official

one day at liz's

It's official, 126.

That was the yearly count of the grand fourth of July party at Liz Noll's lakeside mental health and healing center in Denville, N.J. The party was by all accounts a smashing event and a joyous day. The weather was hot and the water cool as deep human connections were made and maintained. But the big event on the fourth is just the cherry on the top of the cake that is the summer at Liz's.

The Lakeside center opened early this year, july 25 was the day the first arrivals (this reporter included) started streaming in. As of this writing there are still folks reaping the good will that Liz so generously offers. The official summer open house season officially ends august 13 when the two grandchildren of her 6th son Damien (who when I spoke with him was extremely happy to have his children Terah and Thibault Noll benefiting from extended time in the new jersey wellspring) get on the plane for their return home to France.

Liz's Lakeside Center (LLC) is the site of a month long coming and going of folks happy to be where they are, namely Liz Noll's house in the fat days of summer. Liz generously and cheerfully houses all comers (at times there were up to 2o over night guests). She also provides the food, drink, and requisite transportation and logistics to maintain them. Her actions are the model for the communal living experiment that she produces and guides each year. A Herculean task for anyone, at 85 Liz Noll is still chairing the event with great aplomb.

In brief - Liz Noll: A Valiant Women.
A great shoutout of thanks for her continued being, and her loving example of sharing.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Fourth of July is coming!!!

Have you heard? Of course you have because it's like the 20th annual or something along those lines.

But this year we're adding something new! This year, as always we are asking you to bring a dessert. Sow, what's new you might ask. Well, this year we're having a contest! So bring us your favorite custard, pudding, cobbler, cake, or tart. Bring us your great grandmother's pie or the latest sweet treat you've pulled out of the pages of Martha Stewart's rag. We'll have a host of international judges, prizes and lots of good times to boot!

See you there. Where? At Indian Lake of course. When? The fourth of July as always. Come around one and stay till later than you think you should.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

85 - Still Alive and Feeling Fine

Liz Noll celebrated her 85th BIRTHDAY with an all out attack on the local bakery! After purchasing eclairs, cinnamon buns, and chocolate chip cookies along with other bakery delicacies, she proceeded to feast on them throughout the day. Mrs. Noll acknowledged washing them down with bottomless cups of coffee brewed fresh as needed. The celebrant stated that she ate nothing else throughout the day, and that she was content in this both for it's delicious taste and it's sheer folly.

Liz also stated her happiness at receiving birthday greetings from, amongst many others, her 5 adult daughters. She also declared a motherly disappointment in her 4 sons who forget to call and wish her a happy birthday. When this reporter talked with her by phone the day after her 85th BIRTHDAY, while she was warming down in the local hot tub after her daily lap swim in the pool, her errant sons calls were still sheepishly trickling in.

Friday, February 26, 2010

feliz cumplianos

Mary Elizabeth Rienzo Noll is coming up on her 85th anniversary of life this coming Monday March 1st.

Friday, January 22, 2010

carribean cruise for Liz and Auntie B!!!

TA-DAH!!! Aunty b and I are leaving this Sunday, the 24th for our cruise to the Carribean. It is a first for both of us.

The nice thing is that we go by bus from my park, Siesta Bay, to Fort lauderdale for the boat and return the same way. It makes it very easy and they handle all baggage too. We stop at Key West, Ochos Rio and Grand Caymens -- 7 days total. .

We reserved a room with a balcony since we feel this will be a once and only and figured we would go first class.

Will review the trip upon our return. AMEN!!! and ALL ABOARD!!! Mom, GMa, Liz

Friday, January 15, 2010

Movie Review: Invictus

Aunty, Uncle Frank and I went to see "Invictus" with Morgan Freeman. It is a movie not to be missed. It gives you a great insight into the inner person of Nelson Mandela while giving you an idea how important a sport can be. In this case the sport is Rugby - one of which I knew very little except for the "scrum".

The cast is great and the lesson in the history of the election of Mandela and his efforts to unify South africa are very insightful and exciting. You will certainly feel the excitement of the sport and the events. We loved it........

Reporting to you live...

From sunny Fort Myers, Liz Noll