Wednesday, March 3, 2010

85 - Still Alive and Feeling Fine

Liz Noll celebrated her 85th BIRTHDAY with an all out attack on the local bakery! After purchasing eclairs, cinnamon buns, and chocolate chip cookies along with other bakery delicacies, she proceeded to feast on them throughout the day. Mrs. Noll acknowledged washing them down with bottomless cups of coffee brewed fresh as needed. The celebrant stated that she ate nothing else throughout the day, and that she was content in this both for it's delicious taste and it's sheer folly.

Liz also stated her happiness at receiving birthday greetings from, amongst many others, her 5 adult daughters. She also declared a motherly disappointment in her 4 sons who forget to call and wish her a happy birthday. When this reporter talked with her by phone the day after her 85th BIRTHDAY, while she was warming down in the local hot tub after her daily lap swim in the pool, her errant sons calls were still sheepishly trickling in.