Thursday, May 21, 2009

4th of July

the fourth of July is fast approaching and we are getting ready...... We have a lot to celebrate this year with 3 new babies in our family since the last 4th, lots of graduations, First Communions and a wedding or two and my successful surgery. JOY! JOY ! JOY!!!

We will start at about 1PM as usual and go until the children get cranky and the oldsters fall asleep. the food will all be here. Bring yourselves, any pictures, a chair if needed and Bathing suits plus a dessert to share -- .

Justin Noll is revving up for the wrestling match on the raft so start lifting weights NOW.

Any questions, write or call. 973-627-2128

pass it on to anyone you think may miss this notice!!!

I am excited to see you all -- it promises to be a fun summer. Liz and family

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