Monday, February 14, 2011

Lizs' Heart on Valentines Day 2011

Hello all,
As it stands now, there won't be valve surgery in the foreseeable future. It seems the issues from the valve arent' great enough to warrant opening her up for a new valve. Risks measured = less risk from the current valve vs. risk from the surgery. My mom is glad about that. The esophagus is painful but is seemingly clearing up as of this afternoon. ENT did the scope yesterday with a camera sent through her nose and down to her esophagus. Amazing little camera. I might be able to stay until Saturday or Sunday - pondering what needs to be shifted around. I would like to stay and then Damien and Sophie arrive on the 26th. Thad has postponed his journey until he gets further news.

Spirits are a little low today but I think it's because of no nutrition. Nothing by mouth for 2 days now and really nothing much even before that. If it goes much longer, we'll try to get a nutrition IV put in (thanks Rita for that info)

Love to all,

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