Monday, January 26, 2009

last minute scoop

I just got off the phone with ave and liz. They had just come from the cardiologist and were en route to the endodentist. The cardi wants to do the surgery in the next week or two and it will depend on what the endo says about the tooth infection.
The big news is that liz, gma, mommie (justin-oh, oh) ms. noll will be having the surgery in morristown memorial hospital as opposed to the newark hospital (beth sinai isreal mont hollyhock or something like that). That decision was taken for multiple reasons, one being the fact that they do the most open heart surgeries in NJ, another being the highly rated aftercare reputation of Mo-town.
Liz... feels good and is ready to do what needs to be done. She is happy to have the COMMITEE in place in NJ, and she gives a shout out to all who have joined in making her latest experience as stress free as possible.
Like all operations, this one is not without risks, the main one being her age. Though the doctor said she is in general good health (tooth not withstanding) and they are optimistic for the outcome. Without the operation the outcome is definite, hence the operation.
Thanks for the prayers, positive thoughts and letters of good wishes. Keep them coming.

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