Monday, January 26, 2009

News from the patient

This came tonight from the patient herself...

Just returned from the endodontist. He thinks my problem is "occlusion" and too much pressure on the sore tooth. He does not think I will need either a root canal job or extraction. WHEW!!!I am to stop the penicilin. the infection has cleared up. He examined and filed down high points on other teeth and I am to return in 7 days. Actually I had a similar problem last August. He was very encouraging and knowledgeable I felt. Saw the Cardiologist, richard Watson, this AM (Ave did all the chauffering). Had a carotid artery ultra sound also. Will have a pulmonary test on Thursday to check my lungs at Morristown memorial. After Monday we can make more decisions. Dr. Watson explained to Ave and myself the dangers of the surgery, age being a big factor and my iffy condition of the vascular system in general. I have a stent and had the left carotid artery cleaned out 5 years ago. The catherization (not scheduled yet) will also show if there is any other blockage. He also agrees with Florida MD's that it needs to be done, not tomorrow, but soon. am very happy to be here in NJ even with the cold. The "committee" here is wonderfully helpful and caring. Will keep you posted. So far so good .

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