Sunday, February 15, 2009

pardon the delay...

Pardon the delay. This came a couple of days ago from Liz...

I saw the cardiologist today for a follow up after the catheretization and a review of the next step. the procedure last Thursday was fine, no problems, and the point of entry in the groin is healed. The Cardiac surgeon is next. I will call him tomorrow and make an appointment for a consultation.

Dr. Watson said I definitely need the Aortic valve replaced and the window of opportunity is NOW. there are things against me but they will become worse with age so now is the time....... First of all, my age is a source of concern; my lung function is not excellent and the carotid arteries are 50% clogged - but not enough to treat them now. He feels that in spite of this I should do fine. He will arrange for in-patient REhab afterward at my request. So it is on to the next. I will admit I am worried but feel it is necessary to do. A Hug to each of you , Mom, GMa

p.s. dinner out this evening with Jan and Charles at Charlie Brown's down the street.
p.p.s. The car was picked up in Florida and will be delivered Monday or Tuesday for less than it would have cost to fly someone down and have them drive up - significantly less.

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