Monday, February 9, 2009

surgery dates?

Liz is relieved that the arteries were clean. Hooray for no by-pass surgery. The valve replacement surgery is now not such an emergency and will probably take place in the next couple of weeks. Around the 22nd or so. Alma will be flying home for that as she is still our go-to medical person in the immediate family though she will denied it if asked. But since she's forgotten less than the rest of us ever knew, that puts her in the number one seat. Way to go Alma!! Plus, she can always call Rita and Liz if she has any questions.

More as it comes.

xo Bernadette Noll coming to you live from Austin, TX


  1. alma is the go to person, not because of her medical skills, but the fact that she speaks the language. That is also why she can talk with lita and riz, they know how to ask what needs saying. oh.
    heart emoticom <3 for my mother

  2. Glad to hear the arteries were clean.
    Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers Aunt Liz. My daughter, Suzanne, says there is no way all those children (adults, in the picture of your family) are yours! She says you look MUCH TOO YOUNG!!! : ) -Maryann

  3. Love this blog! I feel as if I'm part of the gang! Mary Eliz, it seems as if you are in good hands and many hearts! You are amazing!! You are in our thoughts and prayers. My "kids" ask about you often. They are visiting the blog too. Be well, God bless...

  4. Hey all,
    Glad this is here and now I feel caught up on what is happening. Having received TWO articles of correspondence from Aunt Liz in the last 5 days had me wondering what the status was. Thinking of you, aunt Liz, every day--and determined to write an old fashioned note very soon. XOXOX OOOOOOOOOOOO Lucy

  5. Way to go on having "clean" arteries!! Good job Liz!!! Sending Texas sized thoughts and prayers for a continuation of good news!!


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