Friday, April 10, 2009

Smooth sailing so far and news from the front

Liz is home now about a week - and feeling happy to be there. Thaddeus repainted the back room looking over the lake so that is all fresh and cheery. Ave will be helping Liz shop for a new lounge chair to put in there and then Liz will be sitting pretty in that great sunny room that gets the perfect afternoon sun right around naptime. Aaaah. Naptime!

Doctor's appts. have begun and so far all seems right on track. It's a little slower paced than Liz would like but overall, smooth sailing.

Keep those cards and letters coming folks. Who doesn't like to find a note amongst all the electronically produced junk mail?

Damien arrives from France on 4/20 for a month.

News from the Noll front, Ave's daughter Bernadette Grace and her husband Tom brought home their new baby boy born on April 7th, Cash Rider Schilling.

May the circle be open but unbroken.


  1. Hi Mary Eliz, so glad you are doing well with each day! I think of you often and hope all is going well. I'm not sure I have the correct e-mail address for you but I wanted to let you know that Marie McKeffery past away yesterday (Good Friday) her daughter Donna told me Marie was very much at peace. She was 91. She will be buried on Friday 17th. So sorry to give you this news but I didn't know if anyone would contact you and I'm sure you would want to know. I hope you will continue to do well and enjoy your wonderful family. With Love Melanie

  2. Ms. Liz,

    Congratulations on your new great grandson! He's lucky to be born into such a wonderful family. We are sending you good thoughts every day and Jake asks to see your picture everytime he sees me online. Stay well...
    Love, Sam, Donna, and Jake


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