Friday, April 3, 2009

This just in from Liz herself...

I am happy to say I am home as of Thursday afternoon and really joyful to have survived the journey so far. I feel very fortunate to be in such a good place and am feeling stronger each day... I am very, very grateful for everyone's prayers, notes and cards and especially the encouraging words. Thank you all..... you have certainly helped me reach this point. I am one very lucky lady!!! Hugs to each, Liz


  1. We're happy you're home too, Liz. I'll stop bye after aroebics next week. I'll call first so I can bring something you might need
    Love, Mary Ann

  2. So glad to hear that you are home!!! Go Liz! Keep up the awesome job you are doing!!!
    The Mullens Gang

  3. Liz,
    Good to hear you are back home. By the looks of the picture on this blog, the plastic surgery went great.You look so much taller... Have a great Easter!!
    Denis and Terry

  4. Isn't being home the best!!! You know there is no place like home..keep up the good work and don't too much.
    Love Sis

  5. Dear Liz, THe news I've been waiting to hear---YOU ARE HOME. We all know there is no place like home. Yeah for Liz!!!! God Bless you and keep you healthy and joyful. What timing---Easter Resurrection to a healthier Liz.
    We are heading back to Buf. next week, sad to leave the warm weather (they had snow in Buf. the last two days) but happy to get on to my "real life."
    Love, Cecelia

  6. Dear Aunt Liz!

    So happy for you! How wonderful to be able to
    go home and be in a place you know and love!

    Have a peace filled Easter!



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