Saturday, March 14, 2009


The latest is, in the words of Amy Winehouse, "They say I gotta go to Rehab baby, I say, yeah, yeah, yeah." So, Liz will be leaving the hospital on Monday and heading to the Rehab center for about a week's time - or as long as they'll allow her I suppose. This is happy news because while she's looking forward to getting out of the hospital, she's not exactly crazy about heading home just yet.

So, stay tuned and I'll have the name. I forgot to get that info.


  1. well i am glad to get the news as all lines west seem to be un attended during non peak hours. (alma knows medical but are we sure she knows cellular) but in this case no news (via voice long distance lines) does appear to be good news. And in the meantime all other liz news lines seem to be all great news lines.
    Keep it coming.

  2. way to go liz 1 2 3 no jogging ,no sit ups.
    slow and stedy wins the race. fxr

  3. Great news, all is on the mending side. I've tried to leave comments, but I still don't know what my URL is so I don't think anything is getting through. Won't someone help if this gets out? Email
    So happy our prayers are being heard. Way to go Liz, just don't show off too much or they'll send you right home. My Mom, is here with me in FL and sends her love and good wishes.
    For those of you who don't know me, I'm Vincent Frizziola's daughter. My grandmother, Jennie Frizziola, was John Rienzo's sister.
    Love, Cecelia Grasser

  4. 69 Franklin sends good Karma and Soda Bread...
    Alma, Mon or Tues I will send it over to bring to Lady Liz and her gang. We are so pleased to hear of the healthy news!!!! Prayers Janice and the gang!!!


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