Saturday, March 14, 2009

This just in...

Rienzo Reunion circa 1961 (before my time!)

Looks like rehab will actually be THREE weeks which Lizzie seems happy about. That means until early April. The rehab is in Morristown right near the town square. (Gay's reference was Epstein's but I don't think they're there anymore) Visitors will be accepted there but overload is an issue so we'll figure out a way of checking in before popping in. Stay tuned on that one.

Love to all,
Bernadette of Austin, TX

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  1. Oh, Bern, thanks a million for that fantastic photo! It made my day, and a copy is now over my desk for all to see (and ask about, of course!) It took me surprisingly long to put a name to each kid. I think James is the one that is trying to escape...



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